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MerchantCircle Content Guidelines

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2012 11:29AM PDT
Guidelines for Posting Reviews

Honest and legitimate reviews posted by real customers are greatly valued by MerchantCircle. Recently, several policies have been implemented to ensure that customers who leave a review on MerchantCircle are leaving feedback that is as personal and helpful as it is honest and legitimate.

Below are some guidelines for posting reviews to help you accurately reflect your personal experience with a business listed on MerchantCircle:

Your Experience: Tell us, and the rest of the online community, what you liked or didn’t like about the business. If you had a great experience, do share. If your experience was mediocre-- list the good and the bad. If it was terrible, be honest but don’t cross the line. A review should not be a personal attack.

Honesty: Be honest and forthright about your experience. It is quite clear when an angry customer is venting online and in all honesty it makes the customer look worse than the business. Be honest about your experience but skip the emotional outbursts.

Removing a Review: MerchantCircle will not remove reviews unless they are in direct violation of our Content Guidelines. This ensures the integrity of our site. So take this into consideration before publishing your review on MerchantCircle.

MerchantCircle Content Violations

The following content violations are not okay:

1)    Inappropriate content – threats, personal attacks, hate speech, and other forms of harassment or bigotry are definitely not okay.

2)    Self Promotion – this primarily has to do with merchants. Merchants: posting your own business reviews is a no-no and believe us it is quite obvious when you do it. We will remove your business listing if you do this. So don’t do it.

3)    Relevance – when you write a review, make sure you stick to the point. Posting information about a business owner’s recent DUI or nasty divorce is not relevant to the experience you may have with the business.

4)    Privacy --  MerchantCircle is a place for consumers to find great businesses and share their experiences with other consumers. It is not a place for disgruntled customers and competitors to post cell phone numbers, addresses, and other personal information. Basically, avoid identifying people by their full name—we are not the white pages.

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