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How do I claim my listing?

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2016 09:54AM PDT
You can claim your business listing by visiting the business listing page and clicking the "Claim Listing" button.

If you have another MerchantCircle listing and you are logged into it, you will not have the option to claim another listing - so be sure to logout before trying to claim another listing.

1) Be certain to enter a valid email and then select a password you will remember
2) Once you click "Submit" you have successfully claimed the listing
3) Our system will take you through the rest of the "Set-Up" including entering hours, business info, etc.

Signing In
Login to your account any time by visiting and clicking "Sign In."

If you can't find the option to sign in, look for the words "Dashboard" and click it (you are already signed in!)

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