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  • How do I request a service from a merchant?

    Submit a MerchantCircle service request to receive free quotes, estimates and information from our network of ...

    Dec 08, 2011 03:12PM PST
  • How do I edit my Neighbor Profile?

    You can quickly update Neighbor Profile Information, including your name, zip code, and story by clicking Upda...

    Dec 08, 2011 02:53PM PST
  • How do I clip coupons?

    MerchantCircle has over 1.6 million merchants—chances are, there are some great deals in your local area! Visi...

    Dec 08, 2011 02:57PM PST
  • How do I remove my Neighbor Profile?

    To remove a Neighbor Profile, just click the option to "Email Us" in the right side of the Help Center, under ...

    Jan 31, 2012 04:37PM PST
  • How do I ask for advice or post a question?

    Asking questions in MerchantCircle is quick and easy! Just visit the Q&A page to post any question and a ...

    Jun 05, 2012 03:41PM PDT
  • How do I open a Neighbor Profile?

    You can start a Neighbor Profile and start following your favorite local businesses, clipping coupons, and req...

    Dec 22, 2011 02:28PM PST
  • How do I post a review?

    Leaving reviews for merchants whose services you have used lets the merchant know they are doing the right (or...

    Jan 11, 2012 11:02AM PST
  • How do I follow a business?

    You may follow your favorite businesses to better keep track of their upcoming deals, newsletters, products an...

    Dec 22, 2011 03:07PM PST
  • How do I remove a review I posted?

    MerchantCircle values honest customer reviews about businesses listed within the MerchantCircle network and we...

    Feb 10, 2012 10:51AM PST

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