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About Merchant Scoring

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2013 08:51AM PST
What is Merchant Scoring?

Merchant Scoring is the ranking of business listings on MerchantCircle based on the individual merchant's activity, reviews & ratings, social influence (such as Facebook "likes") and the overall quality of their business listing. 

Higher scores indicate Top Merchants while lower scores typically reflect inactive, unpopular or unregistered business listings. Merchants can improve scores by offering deals & coupons, writing blogs, publishing newsletters, receiving good reviews and keeping business listing information fresh and up-to-date. 

Our ultimate goal at MerchantCircle is to connect local merchants with local customers and we find active merchants on MerchantCircle attract the most customers. Merchant Scoring rewards active merchants while guiding local customers to the BEST and MOST ATTENTIVE businesses on MerchantCircle. 

Merchant Score Benefits - for businesses 
1) Receive a Top Merchant Badge (score of 50 or higher) 
2) Crawled ("visited") more by Google AND other search engines 
3) Visited more frequently by local customers 
4) Promoted by MC as a Top Merchant in MC Search - preferred ranking 
5) Ranked at the top of MC City Page for your category 
6) Given inside knowledge on upcoming MC features and products 
7) Sent exclusive promotions and rewards 

Improve Your Score 
Update your status (
Upload a picture (
Answer a question (
Upload a video (
Connect to other members (at least 10) (
Publish a coupon (
Publish a newsletter (
Published a blog (
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Receive a Good Review and get 20 points! 

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