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About MC Reviews and Ratings

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2012 11:29AM PDT
Reviews and Star Ratings are a great way for customers to leave honest public feedback for businesses listed in the MerchantCircle network.  Since reviews and ratings can no longer be given anonymously, be sure to register as a Neighbor (Consumer) before trying to do either.

Reviews vs. Star Ratings

You can give a star rating without posting a review, however you must be logged in to your Neighbor Profile before you can do this. Star Ratings range from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).  

When you leave a review, you will also need to leave a star rating.  The Review Star Rating reflects the overall "tone" of the review. If its a great review, be sure to give a 4 or 5 star rating!

Once the rating and review are posted, they cannot be edited or removed. So use care when posting your review and/or rating.

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