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How to enter a custom URL or website URL

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2012 05:47PM PST
Custom URL

The custom URL is just a "version" of your regular MerchantCircle URL (the link to your MerchantCircle listing page).

When you select a custom URL, you are not really changing the actual URL (link) to your MerchantCircle page, you are just creating another "version" of the link so its shorter and prettier.  In a sense, the custom URL its just a URL shorten-er.

Click here
to select your custom URL.

The first part of the URL ( is filled out for you--just enter your business name or a version of your business name.

The Website URL

This is just a link to your external website, if you have one. Enter your website URL (link) and click "Save." The link(s) will show up on your MerchantCircle listing, under your Business Information.

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