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The NEW MerchantCircle - FAQs

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2012 11:29AM PDT

MerchantCircle has been working on some BIG changes lately to improve the quality, usability and credibility of the MerchantCircle site. These changes are specifically designed to:

1) Make it easier for browsing customers to navigate the MerchantCircle site
2) Attract MORE online customers and connect them with qualified merchants
3) Promote MerchantCircle’s credibility as the BEST place to find local businesses online.

Some of these changes required improving, relocating, toning down, adding or removing existing features. We apologize if some of these changes caught you off guard, but we assure you they are only intended to create the BEST online network where small businesses and consumers can easily and quickly connect.


Higher Focus On Reviews
Customers love reviews, and since we want more customers to find you, we placed a higher focus on this feature.
No More Anonymous Reviews
MerchantCircle values honest testimonials by real customers. As such, following January 18, 2012 a valid email address will be required to leave a review for any businesses listed within the MerchantCircle network.
New Search Bar
We improved categorization for business listings--making it easier for searching customers to find you. The NEW search bar allows customers to quickly and easily find merchants, answers, or deals in their local area!
Photo Viewer
Photo Galleries are getting a make-over with the new and improved Photo Viewer. Photos are among the BEST tools for getting found online. So start uploading and tagging!


The Mayor Program
The Mayor Program, a fantastic networking feature, has been moved to the inside of all merchant dashboards. We value the positive impact this program has had on connecting merchants with each other so we are keeping the program alive in the dashboard–in every merchants’ homepage!

The Mayor program will no longer be visible on listing pages. In its place, we have pushed out a couple of exciting new features, including service requests – designed to bring MORE customers to your page, new layout and functionality designed to KEEP them there as well as a BRAND NEW photo viewer! After all, what good is any feature if customers don’t hang around long enough to notice it?

Toned Down

We took a “less is more” approach here. We found customers are more likely to leave compliments if they don’t have an encyclopedia of options to choose from. We kept the top 4 compliments, popular amongst consumers, and did away with the rest.
Coupons, Offers, Sales
This is all for your customer satisfaction. People seemed to be confused by all the various “offers” on business listings—did they want a coupon, a promotion, a sale? In the end they are all “Deals,” which is now what we call them on merchant listings. 
Our Story
In an effort to make MerchantCircle business listings consumer-friendly, we have removed “Our Story.” Business Information is a sufficient place to tell your story. Blogs and newsletters are also great place places to tell your story, if it must be told.

Custom Layout and Color
In order to improve the online experience for customers using the MerchantCircle network AND optimize MerchantCircle’s search engine indexing (this means your search engine indexing), MerchantCircle has discontinued custom layouts and colors for business listing pages.

Post your Feedback in the Forums!

MerchantCircle appreciates and values your thoughts and opinions. Please visit our Community Forums to post your thoughts and feedback regarding the MC site.  The MerchantCircle Community Team collects and reports your ideas and requests to the MerchantCircle Product and Development Teams for consideration in future product updates and enhancements.

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