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Why was I flagged?

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2012 03:51PM PDT
When a listing is flagged, it means more than one member of the community has identified your listing as a possible Terms of Service violation.

Merchant accounts are flagged most commonly for the following reasons:

1) Business name contains a .com
2) Business name is stuffed with keywords (descriptive words) or a geographical location
3) Business is spamming/trolling forums, blog feature or other inappropriate platforms

What is considered Spamming/Trolling/Spam/etc? Learn more here.

When a listing is flagged, it is just a warning. Be sure to take a look at your listing, make certain that it doesn't not contain any of the above violations. If your listing is flagged again, it may be frozen temporarily until a MerchantCircle team member can review it.

Listings found to be in multiple violation of our Terms of Service, are generally removed without further notice.

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