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How do I follow a business?

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2011 03:07PM PST
You may follow your favorite businesses to better keep track of their upcoming deals, newsletters, products and services! You can follow any merchant by logging into your Neighbor Profile and then visiting the merchant's listing page--just click "follow this merchant." 

You may also search for merchants to follow through your Neighbor Profile.

To follow your favorite businesses:
1. From your Neighbor dashboard, click  My Merchants.
2. Type the business name + city/state and click search.
3. Once on the business listing page, click "Follow this Merchant."

Merchants you are following are called "Your favorite merchants" and will always appear in your "My Merchants" tab--just scroll down.

Un-follow a Merchant
1. In My Merchants, scroll down to view your favorite merchants. 
2. Find the merchant you wish to un-follow.
3. Click "delete" (bottom, right corner of the merchant info).

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