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How do I post a review?

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2012 11:02AM PST
Leaving reviews for merchants whose services you have used lets the merchant know they are doing the right (or wrong) thing. It also helps your fellow online shoppers and consumers make the best choices when searching for businesses to meet THEIR needs.

Please note--reviews can not be left anonymously and require a valid email to post.

To leave a review:
1. Visit your Neighbor dashboard and click the Reviews tab.
2. Type the merchant's business name + city/state in the search box provided and we'll find them for you.
3. Once on their page,  click the option to leave a review and start typing.

Keep in mind, once you have posted a review it cannot be edited or removed without difficulty, so be sure to carefully proof read your review before submitting it.

If you had a negative experience and you are in danger of an online venting session, we recommend first contacting the merchant to attempt to resolve the issue. A lot of the times, merchants are more than willing to resolve customer complaints offline.  

The MerchantCircle network thanks you for your honest feedback as we dedicate ourselves to quickly connecting online customers with the BEST LOCAL BUSINESSES out there!

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