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Why can't I send my newsletter?

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2012 01:06PM PST
If you are having trouble sending your newsletter, its probably due to one of these reasons:

1) You haven't selected a "send" date. Look in the left column under "Schedule My Newsletter" to select a send date.

2) You may be exceeding your send limit. If your network connections are MORE than your send limit, you won't be able to use the option to "send to network connections."  

For instance, if I have 45 connections, I can send my newsletters to my network connections for free because the free limit is "50," but if I have a network of 900, then I would have to upgrade to a StandardCircle to get a limit of 1,000.

If I have a network of 1,100, I would have to upgrade to a PremiumCircle to get a limit of 5,000.
Below are the send limits per Online Advertising Package:
Free- 50 at a time
StarterCircle- 500 at a time
StandardCircle- 1,000 at a time
PremiumCircle- 5,000 at a time
UltimateCircle- 10,000 at a time.
Creating Customer Groups
The BEST way to send newsletters is to send them directly to your customers! Remember, your network connections are your business network! Send Newsletters to your customers by visiting your Customers tab and clicking Customer Groups

Learn more about creating Customer Groups here.

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