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Where's the Mayor Program?

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2012 09:27AM PST
MerchantCircle has been working on some big changes for our large network of merchants and consumers. These changes will improve online visibility for merchants while optimizing usability for a better customer experience.

Throughout the past year, our team of seasoned engineers and developers have been looking closely at MerchantCIrcle to determine which features should be replaced, moved or improved in order to make this big change successful.

The Mayor Program, a fantastic networking feature, has been moved to the inside of all merchant dashboards. We value the positive impact this program has had on connecting more merchants so we are keeping the program alive in the dashboard--in every merchants' homepage!

The Mayor program will no longer be visible on listing pages. In its place, we have pushed out a couple of exciting new features, including service requests - designed to bring MORE customers to your page and new layout and functionality designed to KEEP them there! After all, what good is any program if customers don't hang around long enough to notice it?

We certainly apologize if this change caught you off guard, but we assure you it is 100% for your benefit and the benefit of the entire network! Remember, our primary goal is to help merchants and customers using MerchantCircle CONNECT!

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