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How to help your search results

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2012 01:10PM PST
It takes time and consistency to build your online ranking and visibility. Also, know that your daily ranking and traffic/activity will fluctuate—which is totally normal.

Here are a few tips to help improve your overall visibility, encourage traffic and appeal to visitors:

1) Blogging--try to blog at least once a month. This creates "new" content for your listing which is important for online visibility. Create a blog under Publish>Blog.

2) Add photos to your listing and tag them. If you click "edit" under the photo in your library you will see an area to add "tags" (keywords). Add photos under Publish>Pictures.

3) Invite and connect with more merchants. This increases visibility for your listing by creating “back-links” to your page. Invite other merchants in the network under Network>Invite. 

4) Have 2-3 coupons on your listing page and change them up every month (again—new content). Create coupons under Publish>Coupons.

5) Display your products and services. This is great new content AND it really helps gives your business listing a "complete" look. Display your products and services under Publish>Products and Services.

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