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How do I request a service from a merchant?

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2011 03:12PM PST
Submit a MerchantCircle service request to receive free quotes, estimates and information from our network of merchants eager to provide you with the service you need!

Easily and quickly submit and manage these requests through your Neighbor Dashboard.

About Service Requests
What happens when you submit a service request? We filter your request to merchants who best fit the services you are requesting. You will receive a message when your merchant sends you a quote or has a question for you.  
Who receives your service request? When you send the request, if you chose to send your service request to “4 other merchants” we will send your request to the primary merchant and 4 other best matching merchants in your local area.
*Note. If you are not satisfied with the quotes you receive, you can find recommended merchants in your dashboard. 
How do we decide which merchants are best for you? Your satisfaction is our number one priority! We will pick the merchants based on different criteria such as their ratings, specialty matching, location, etc.
Can you search for a specific merchant yourself? Yes, definitely. Search for merchants using your MerchantCircle search function. When you find a merchant you like, click the “Request a Quote” button on their profile. The merchant will contact you directly or provide a quote through our system.
When should you expect a response after submitting a request? After you submit the request, we will send you a confirmation email immediately. We will send your service requests to the best-matched merchants. The merchants will choose to contact you or provide you a quote at their earliest convenience.
Does MerchantCircle charge me for requesting services? No, all these service requests are absolutely FREE. You are in control of the negotiation, communication and payment with the merchant whose services you requested. 
How many phone calls should I expect? If you chose “4 additional merchants” then we will find the top 5 matching merchants for you based on the information you provided in your service request. If the merchants can provide the services you’re requesting, they will contact you directly.  The merchants can also recommend your requests to other suitable merchants if they feel they are not the right candidates for the job. 
Can I provide feedback after the service is completed? Sure. We strongly encourage you to provide feedback about the merchant to help other customers get the best services.  A great way to do this is by writing a review for the merchant. We also encourage you to provide feedback about the product, so we can improve and better help you with your future requests. You can send us feedback from your dashboard or post to our Community Forums. 
What happens if nobody provides me a quote? Your service request will be active for one week, and during this time we will try our best to find the best merchants who are suitable for your needs. If your request is not accepted by any of the recommended merchants we will notify you by email. 
*Note: When submitting a request, provide as much detail as possible to give merchants the necessary information to provide you a quality quote.
When do my requests expire? Your request will be active for one week before it expires.

Who sees my information? We find the top 5 merchants for you and we ONLY give these merchant the contact information you provide so they may contact you with your quote, estimate, etc. Your information DOES NOT get added to a call list, nor is it sold to online vendors. 

Will you send me unsolicited emails/phone calls after I submitted a request? Absolutely not. Please report to us if you get any unsolicited emails or phone calls from any of our merchants, and we will remove their listings from our system as this is a violation of our Terms of Service.

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