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About Instant Websites (domains)

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2012 11:30AM PST

What is Instant Website?
The Instant Website (domain) is a customized website that is designed to appear as an "official webpage” for your business!  Its a great way to help brand your business and the domain looks clean and professional on business cards. And its only $14.99 a month.
How does it work?
When you select your domain name, we create a customized webpage featuring your MC coupons, blogs, info, photos, etc.  The Instant Website goes live within 48-72 hours of purchase.
How does it benefit my business?
The Instant Website domain is shorter, customizable and looks great on business cards. The webpage itself is easy to manage as it updates whenever you update your MC listing--no IT guy or webmaster required!
Manage your Instant Website:
Although you cannot change the actual format of the website, you can change the design. Just click Promote>Instant Website Management. Then click the "edit" icon and select any of the designs. 

The Instant Business Email: 
If you like, you can also buy a business email to go along with your Instant Website. Access your business email under Instant Website Management>Email.
Manage Billing
Warning: Don't do this unless you are certain you no longer want your domain. Once canceled there is a $199 reactivation fee (because our engineers have to do it) and transferring it is even more expensive. Just be sure you want to cancel, that is all.
Following the minimum 6-month period, you may cancel your domain under My Account>Manage Services. Keep in mind your domain will become a "Hub Page” featuring similar businesses. Hub pages provide canceled domains with content until they expire, which can take up to a year. 


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