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About Local Sponsor

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2012 11:03AM PST

What is Local Sponsor?
Premium placement of your listing in city/category-specific search results in MC (MerchantCircle). 

How does it work?
When you choose a sponsorship, your MC listing is given premium placement on the most highly trafficked MC page for your category/city (either MC Search Engine or City Page placement).
How does it benefit my business?
MerchantCircle boasts nearly 20 million visitors/month and customers searching for services in your category/city see YOUR listing first! 
Other benefits include: 
1. Your Sponsorship status is highlighted in your community via network updates
2. Your business appears on unclaimed business listings in your sponsored city—and we have over 15 million unclaimed directory listings!
3. There is an exclusive logo that appears on your business listing, search results, and answers associated with your listing
4. There exists a down-loadable “Local Sponsor” badge you can place on your external business website.
Choosing a Category 
You can choose between "broad" and "refined" categories--whichever represents your services best.

The broad categories are featured on City Pages for the city and category you choose while refined categories show up at the top of MC search results for that category/city.

If you can't find your specific city/category, choose a nearby major metropolis + a broad category. This will give you the best placement.

Click here to choose your Local Sponsorship city and category.


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