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About SEM Advertising Packages

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2012 04:14PM PDT
What is SEM?
SEM (Starter, Standard, Premium, Ultimate, Google Only) are paid ads that appear in the top and right of major search engines (Google, CitySearch, Yahoo, etc)—also called "sponsored links" or "sponsored results." 
How does it work?
Your ad is created and placed based upon what customers are searching for (keywords) and how much has been budgeted for the campaign you purchased. The higher packages perform at a higher view/click rate.

How does it benefit my business?
SEM targets searching customers in major search engines and drives them to your MC business listing in the form of views and clicks. In addition, you receive MORE inner network ads which help boost your visibility within the MC network.
About the pricing
Circle Packages are priced differently depending on the package. The more expensive packages perform at a higher view and click rate. Cost for clicks depend heavily on your city/state and business category.

If your business is a highly competitive industry (like carpet cleaning, real estate, automotive, etc)  in a major metropolitan area (like New York, Miami, San Fransisco, Chicago, etc) your keywords will certainly cost more. This will reduce your click rate.

Therefore, we highly recommend the Premium and Ultimate campaigns for competitive industries and major cities to ensure a decent click rate.

StarterCircle $29.95/mo
StandardCircle $59.95/mo - 3rd free month
Premium $99.95/mo - 3rd free month
Ultimate $249.95/mo - 3rd free month
Google Only $49.99/mo

1 FREE month
For Standard, Premium, and Ultimate packages, the 3rd month of your advertising package is FREE!

To Sign-Up:

Monitor Performance
Check out your ad views and clicks through Promote>SEM Stats  (click the blue SEM link to see your complete data).

Be sure to give your stats a few days to appear - there is about 3-5 day delay as your ad cycles into search engines. 

View and Manage Billing 
Manage and monitor billing under Account Settings>Billing and Payments. **
**For all SEM advertising packages, campaigns bill month-to-month following the 3rd month.

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