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How do I respond to customer reviews?

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2012 03:51PM PDT
MerchantCircle is dedicated to providing searching customers with legitimate reviews for businesses listed within the MerchantCircle network. Sometimes these reviews can be good and sometimes, not so good.

Please understand, private user information (reviewee information) can not be released due to our Privacy Policy. However we encourage you to respond to reviews publicly.

While your response to customer reviews is entirely up to you, we would like to offer some helpful guidelines and best practices to help improve and maintain your online reputation and credibility.

Responding to Good Reviews: Do's and Don'ts

DO thank your customer and let them know their feedback is appreciated.
DON'T use the review as an opportunity to up-sell, promote yourself or offer future services.

DO keep your response short and sweet.
DON'T hang on every word they say or feel the need to justify any "slightly negative" part of their feedback.

Responding to Bad Reviews: Do's and Dont's

DO respond to the negative review publicly and offer to resolve whatever the person's issue may be.
DON'T aggressively defend yourself and insult the person, even if you think their feedback is absurd.

DO respond professionally, without emotion, aggression or opinion.
DON'T take reviews personally and feel the need to discredit or expose the person.

DO assume that if the customer is acting crazy, other people will see it too.
DON'T assume that if a customer is acting crazy, it makes you look bad.

DO look at the review as just one person's opinion whether right or wrong.
DON'T get hung up on one (or even 2) negative reviews.

Merchants who respond to bad reviews in a professional, patient and understanding manner showcase their willingness to help an unhappy (or crazy) customer. In this sense a bad review, if handled appropriately, can be a great opportunity to boost your online reputation and credibility.

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