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Why hasn't my listing been removed?

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2012 09:27AM PST
Keep in mind, when a listing has been removed it will still appear in Google and other search engines until it cycles out. Learn more here.

Make sure your listing was removed
You can verify a listing has been removed by clicking the Google search result. You should land on a City Page that looks something like this: Mountain View's City Page.

Did you land on a business listing?
If you landed on the business listing page, then the listing hasn't been removed. It may be due to one of these reasons:
  1. The removal request submitted was incomplete (did you remember to provide a link to the page?)
  2. There exists a duplicate listing – submit if for removal here.
  3. The listing is claimed (registered). Please download a removal form to remove.
If the listing was removed, but appears again a few months later...
Any new or altered business information in Localeze, our data source, is marked as new.  This means, if you removed a listing from MerchantCircle, it may be inadvertently re-entered if your information changed in Localeze. 

Keep your information off MerchantCircle
To avoid re-entry of your information, the best practice is to remove it from Localeze. This will also help keep it out of other online directory sources. Visit the Localeze Help Center.

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