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Why can't I find my listing?

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2012 03:32PM PST
To look for your listing visit MerchantCircle and type your business name “IN” the city and state you are located. If your business does not pop up, then there might be something going on.

Below are some common reasons you may be having a hard time finding your listing in MerchantCircle.

Confirm Your Listing
Upon signing up, you should have received a confirmation email. Visit your listing page, do you see a grey box that says “pending confirmation”? If not, then you are good to go--or at least you know this isn't the issue.

Select Your Cities
Make sure you chose your extra city under Business Information>Cities Served 

Choose a Category
Make sure you selected a Category for your business. Choose your category under Business Information>Categories. You can choose up to 4 categories.

Enter Keywords
If you want your listing to be found by keyword search, make sure you entered several keywords (up to 10) in the Keywords section under Business Information. Keywords help you get found based on searches within the network.

Avoid Spammy Listings
If you can’t find your listing and you are having trouble sending invites, writing blogs or using your account, your listing might be frozen due to TOS violations.

Sometimes our system will temporarily freeze your listing if it thinks you are spamming the network (don't worry, there are steps you can take to unfreeze it). Read our Troubleshoot article on Avoiding Spammy Listings to make sure you don't have a spammy listing.

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