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Why can't I login?

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2012 09:27AM PST
We're sorry you're having trouble logging in. Have you tried resetting your browser? Often times, this will immediately clear up any login troubles.

Top 4 Solutions:
1. Reset your Browser - Cache/cookie issues tend to cause the most login trouble.
2. Try a different email - You may be using the wrong email to login - try to recall the email you used to set up the account.
3. Claim the Listing - It sounds silly, but you might be trying to access an unclaimed business listing. In this case, just visit the listing page and click the option to claim it! Or request to remove it if you find its a duplicate.
4. Carefully enter your password and remember passwords are CASE sensitive.

Your Login Email
Your Login email is the email you enter when you first signed up.  It is your user name and your default contact email. It is NOT visible to the public. You can edit this email at any time. You may only use ONE login email per MerchantCircle listing--meaning if you have more than one location you will have to use a different email to create a new listing.

About the Business Email
You may have entered a separate business email, however unless you specified this email as your Contact Email, the default contact remains your login email. Your business email is located under Business Information and is not visible to the public.

Still can’t login?
If all else fails you can always remove your listing and start new. Just download a removal form and email it to us, we’ll take care of the rest.

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