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How to Use the Appointment Scheduler (Calendar)

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2012 05:16PM PST

Please note, we realize this video is old and shows the old MerchantCircle style, but the calendar hasn't changed. We will have a new video soon!

The Appointment Scheduler is an easy way for your customers (or prospects) to book time with you.  Visitors to your MerchantCircle listing page will see the button "Book an Appointment.”  They'll see available times on your appointment calendar where they can request an appointment that works for them.  They'll complete the process by adding important personal contact information.

Setting Up Your Appointment Scheduler

Business hours: To set your hours of operation simply check the days and define your open and close times.  You can add as many time slots as you like. For example, you can set Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Then make your hours for Saturday and Sunday, Noon to 4 p.m.  Just define the first set (M-F), click "Add".  Then define the next set (Sa-Su) and click "Add.”  You can always "Remove" a time slot if needed and start over.  

Time zone: Setting your time zone is easy.  Just make sure you select the right time zone for your location.  You only need to do this once.  We'll make the daylight savings time adjustments when appropriate. 

Personal message: Right after the customer submits their request for an appointment, they will see a screen with text that can be customized by you.  Feel free to change the text to whatever makes sense for your customers.  If you have special instructions (such as asking customers to arrive 15 minutes early) you may include them here.

Appointment length: This is a global setting for how long your appointments last.  You can change the length to whatever makes sense for your business.  This is what customers will see when they book time with you. You can override this global setting when you create, update or confirm an appointment.  
Managing Appointment Requests

Receiving Requests: Once they make the request, you'll receive an email notice with a link to reply to the request.  If the time works, just confirm the appointment with a click.  The customer will get an email letting them know their time was confirmed.  They'll also get an email reminder 24 hours before the appointment so that you can make the most of your time.  

Replying to a Request: You will receive an email when you have a request for an appointment.  To reply, visit your MerchantCircle dashboard and click the "Calendar" tab.  You can open the appointment to confirm the appointment or remove it.   If the date and time requested does not work for you, just contact the customer directly to reschedule.  You can leave the appointment on your calendar as tentative.  Once you arrive at a time, open the appointment and change to the agreed time and date, then "Confirm.”  Your customer will receive an email confirmation as well as a reminder 24 hours before the appointment

Confirming an Appointment: Appointments on your calendar will be either tentative or confirmed.  You will notice that tentative appointments have blue stripes on the left edge. Confirmed appointments have a solid blue line.   You can view the appointment details by clicking on the item.  From there, you can edit the details and confirm the appointment by clicking "Confirm.”  Your customer will receive an email with the appointment details.  In addition your phone number will be included in the email in case your customer needs to contact you.

Updating an Appointment: Open any appointment item on your appointment calendar.  You'll be able to edit the details, including date and time.  For a tentative appointment you can save it (or update it) without notifying the customer. You can also edit the information and confirm the appointment in which case the customer will be notified via email.  If the appointment is already confirmed then any update of the date and time will result in an email notification to the customer. 

Canceling or Removing an Appointment: If you need to cancel the appointment then open the appointment item by clicking on it.  Click "Remove" to cancel the appointment.  You'll be given the chance to send a personal message to the customer but you'll also be able to cancel without sending an email if that turns out to be more appropriate

Remove Appointment Scheduler: If you do not wish to receive appointment requests through the MerchantCircle system, you can remove the button from your MerchantCircle listing page by visiting your Advanced Settings and uncheck "Book an Appointment."  If you have embedded a button on your own homepage, you'll need to remove that too.  

Embedding the Appointment Scheduler on your Personal Website: To place a button on your own homepage visit the widget page.  You'll have a choice of button size.  Copy and paste the embed code into your website.  You'll be then have a button on your site which customers can click on to view available times. 

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