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How to manage invites and connections

Last Updated: Feb 17, 2012 01:01PM PST
Connecting with other merchants is one of the BEST ways to improve your online visibility (creates “back-links”). The more merchants you are connected with, the better!

Manage your connections--including sending, accepting and disconnecting-- through the Network tab.
To prevent spamming, we limit 100 invites per day within the network.

Below is a breakdown of your Network tab features:

Connect with Merchants (Invite): Use this tool to invite merchants and friends in and out of the MC network. 
Member Search: Use this feature to search for specific businesses within the category/area of your choice
Connections: View your current connections--your most recent should be at the top. You may also message or remove businesses under "Actions."
Received Requests: Approve or deny connection requests you have received.
Sent Requests: Look to see the requests you have sent by date. Note: You can only send an invite once. 

Disable Email Notification
You can disable the invite notifications you receive by email through your account settings. Just login and click Email and Marketing Preferences under "Account Settings."

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