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The Top Merchant Badge

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2012 11:29AM PDT
The Top Merchant Badge is awarded to qualified merchants with fantastic MerchantCircle business listings.  

The following are the minimum criteria to qualify as a Top Merchant:

1) 1 Blog
2) 1 Coupon
3) 2 Reviews
4) 3 Photos
5) 3 Answers
6) 5 Invites (sent and accepted)

How does it work?
The way it works is, qualified Top Merchant listings are identified by our system, listings are reviewed in small batches for quality assurance and badges are awarded accordingly.

This can all take up on 1 month, so be patient!
Once you have your badge, it will be visible on your listing page, MerchantCircle search results AND on MerchantCircle City Pages! 

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