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The MerchantCircle Glossary

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2012 11:29AM PDT
Below are some MerchantCIrcle and "other" Internet Lingo we think you will find helpful.

Claimed Listing - This means the listing has been registered. Whoever registered the listing can login to it and make edits, changes and use the awesome free online tools!

Unclaimed Listing - Unclaimed listings are simply directory references like what you would find in the Yellow Pages. Unclaimed listing data is pulled from publically available sources.

Dashboard - Your Dashboard is your homepage and you can only get here by logging in to your MerchantCircle listing.

Blog - A blog is just a short article that is (hopefully) relevant to your business services. It’s a way to showcase your knowledge, opinions, and expertise on any given topic.

Spam - Spam is excessive use of keywords, links, and symbols in an attempt to manipulate search engines and search results. Aggressive advertising can also fall into the spam category. MerchantCircle does not support spammers.

Neighbors - Neighbors are MerchantCircle consumer accounts. Merchants automatically have a Neighbor account attached to their business listing. Non-merchants can set one up pretty quickly. The “Answers” feature is part of MerchantCircle Neighbors.

URL - A URL is just the link to the page you are referring to. You can find your MerchantCircle business listing URL by viewing your listing. All MerchantCircle listings begin with:

Cache - Cache is “memory.” The Internet remembers webpages and content that has been removed. This is why it can take a few weeks for deleted content to cycle out of Google and other search engines.

Internet Browser Cache - This is your own Internet’s memory. Occasionally you need to reset browser cache, especially if you are having login issues.

Keywords - Keywords are descriptive words one might use to find something online. For instance, to find a Hair Salon, I might type any of the following keywords: “hair, haircut, hairstyle, haircolor, or stylist.”

Tags - Tags are just another word for keywords. People “tag” photos to help them pop up in searches.

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